PHENOLIC RESINS                                                                                
  • Foundry binders (a supply agreement with Foseco:
  • Coated and bonded abrasives and abrasive mats.
  • Glass fibre laminates.
  • Refractory products.
  • Open-cell floral foam resins, under licence to Smither Oasis: (distributor of the floral foams).
 MODIFIED PHENOLIC RESINS                                                                         
  • Furane modified resin for chemical resistant linings – this is a complete system (binder and filler) that is supplied to the South African market.
  • Resorcinol modified phenolic resin for structural timber adhesives, laminating and finger jointing systems (binder and hardener). This has been marketed by an independent sales agency since 1989:
  • Alkyl-phenol modified resin for a range of coating applications, etch primers and can-coating resins.
  • Urea-modified phenolic resins for rock-wool and glass fibre insulation.
  • Modified phenolic resin for fabric-based laminates for the electrical industry. This is ideal for use in heavy current distribution boards and light duty circuit boards.
  • Plasticised phenolic resin reinforcement of grinding and cutting wheels.


  • Melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MUF) resin for finger-jointing and laminating.


OTHER RESIN SYSTEMS                              _DSC4901
  • Furane resin for the refractory industry.
  • Keto-aldehyde resin for damp-proofing of adhesives for the cardboard industry.
  • Acrylic resins.


  • Acrylic based polymer concrete, manufactured under licence to Silikal.
  • A range of varnishes and coatings for the timber industry, as well as the “DIY” market. These products are marketed by Rystix:
  • Various epoxy systems and other proprietary blends.